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Translation center

Our Translation Center is organized in 1992. We translate documents from English into Russian and from Russian into English in such subjects as telecommunications, hardware & software, mechanics and many others. As a rule we translate a technical documentation including on-line helps.

Our own computer-based translation process simplifies all the operations and makes these very efficient. For that, we use our own software tools and software products of PROMT (PROMT/Stylus) and STAR (Transit) companies.

Among our major customers there are Siemens, Lucent Technologies, Italtel, Samsung and Ericsson.

We are able to translate and make up documents created using different platforms. For that we use DTPs which run under Windows, UNIX and Macintosh.

Our Translation Process

From the very beginning, we realized that to translate and handle documents with a high quality and within right terms, we need a specific process which allows us to efficiently computerize all the operations as much as possible.

Our translation process consists of basic operations as follows:

  • filtering a text (splitting) to be translated and its preconditioning
  • using Translation Memory tool
  • terminology development and customizing Machine Translation system dictionary (ies)
  • machine translation of source files (in a batch mode)
  • postediting and technical reviewing
  • restoring (unsplitting) source formatting
  • desktop publishing.

For more information on the translation process, please see "Translation process".


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