Translation services

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Translation services

From the very beginning, our translation centre provides conventional translation services, that is, a customer receives a translated document after several checks (terminological, stylistic and others).

For high-quality translation of any documents in such a mode we fulfil following operations:

  • selection and development of a relevant terminology (we always try, whenever possible, to coordinate any technical terminology used with the customer)
  • coordination of publishing (make-up) requirements for translated documents
  • dictionary customization for machine translation (taking into account the agreed terminology)
  • postediting after machine translation (during this step translators should disclose correctly a text in the target language)
  • make-up of translated documents
  • proof-reading (using a hardcopy)

As to document publishing (make-up) and preconditioning, our translation centre provides following services:

  • development of a documentation structure and templates for separate documents in various packages (Microsoft Word, Corel Ventura, QuarkXpress, Page Maker, Frame Builder, Frame Maker, InterLeaf)
  • creation of make-up (master) pages
  • preparation of electronic publications

Below several features of our activities are specified:

  • high-volume translations (in average, 1.000 to 3.000 pages per month)
  • using special filters and converters for specific file formats (MIF, RTF, TROFF/NROFF, SGML, HTML, InterLeaf etc.)
  • using STYLUS/PROMT machine translation systems (PROMT) with unique (updated continuously) dictionaries of terms for telecommunications, radioelectronics, computer technologies and legal documents
  • using TRANSIT Translation Memory system (STAR)
  • comparing an old and new document versions, searching for differences and updating the translated documentation

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